While working with Visual Effects for traditional media, I began some years ago to bring visual concepts into physical space, with the use of a range of digital and analog technologies. Having designed technical workflows and solutions for artist’s immersive installations (Zeng Fanzhi, Tour Eiffel, Bayreuth opera Festival, Galeries Lafayette, Art Basel...), reinforced my urge to manifest vivid stories and experiences in various formats, and explore new visual languages. 

In 2017, I founded GhostRaum - a production and research space located in Berlin. GhostRaum operates as a production space inviting creative practitioners to combine skills and sensibilities for the exploration of immersive art and sensory experiences. Within GhostRaum I have the oportunity to design technological solutions that apply to the visual arts and to scientific, anthropological, and societal research.

GhostRaum’s installations crystallise stages of research and visual explorations. These prototypes, produced in the studio, are an opportunity to test a relationship and interactivity with the public.
Raum(s) are limited spaces, inside which the guest is invited to dive in and recreate infinite worlds. They may allude to video games, alternate realities, or as an allegory of life. Raum(s) are designed to create both a shared and personal experience, where the spectators' impressions are shaped by the context of their own stories.

2021  Embodied - Signals  @ Funkhaus - Live Installation
2020  Raum#04 - GhostRaum - Personal Exhibition
2020  Raum#03 - GhostRaum - Personal Exhibition
2018  Raum#02 - Currated by girls - Collective Exhibition
2018  Raum#02 - Our Berlin - Personal Exhibition
2018  Raum#01 - Studio Twins - Personal Exhibition