I bring visual concepts into physical spaces, with the use of a range of digital and analog technologies. Designing technical workflows and solutions for interactive and realtime installations allows me to manifest vivid stories into sensory experiences, and explore new visual languages.

As a creative technologist, I love to bridge the gap between a concept and its virtuous technological workflow. While my heart is beating for storytelling, my passion is to design and engineer.


MoMA, Bayreuth Opera Festival, Art Basel, Eiffel Tower, Tadao Ando, Zeng Fhanzi, Sebastiao Salgado, ZeVs, Art Basel, Château de Vincennes, Academia Jewish Museum Berlin, Arles Photography Festival , Franhaufer Institute, Funkhaus Berlin, Transmediale / CTM...

In 2015, I founded GhostRaum, a space for research and production, inviting creative practitioners to combine skills and sensibilities for the exploration of immersive art.