25 years ago I learned post-production and computer graphics for my personal projects. Since then I have produced visual effects and visual storytelling as a passion, as a curse, and finally, as a second nature. During this epic and ongoing relationship with graphic tablets and graphic cards I had the privilege to collaborate with terrific studios, diverse audiovisual and film productions, and artists that I admire.

As a VFX artist I consider myself as a generalist with a special crush on workflow design, VFX supervising, digital compositing and colour grading. Since some time I got more and more involved with real-time technology and interactive installation art, using digital languages as an element of sensory experiences.

HBO, Marvel Studios, Warner Entertainment, Tadao Ando Architect & Associates, Wim Wenders, Zeng Fhanzi, Sebastião Salgado, Bayreuth Opera Festival, Ubisoft, Canal +, Arte, ZDF, France Television, Universal, SNCF, Los Angeles Film festival,  Maison & Objects, Mercedes, Peugeot, Orange, Mezzo, Cacharel, Vendée Globe...

Rise Visual Effects Studio, Kompost Zurich, Polynoid, Automatik VFX, Fx Factory, Dubois, Mind and Image, IN VR, Kidam Productions, Shokolade, Wolf und Lamm, Black sail Pictures, Swiss kiss, Klendatu, Phenomene, Light Productions, Sparx, Snarx Fx, Auvitec…